Daily and Weekly Flow: Here is the basic schedule, subject to change based on weather and the needs of that particular week. For example, if we need to tan a hide and the sun is shining, we’ll tan the hide! When a class is taking place, we'll go from sunup to after dark.

Please Note: By design, non-class work days are short to give apprentices plenty of time to practice the skills they are learning and to "live the life." We do expect apprentices to use this built-in time to pursue projects and explorations that will deepen their experience here at Koviashuvik.
Sunday Free time: map and     compass adventure, town adventure... Free Time: visit friends,
go swimming,
play music, write...
Monday Work/Learning Time Work/Learning Time
Tuesday Work/Learning Time Work/ Learning Time
Wednesday Work/Learning Time Chores, taking care of life:
catch up on firewood, laundry, cooking
Thursday Work/Learning Time Work/ Learning
Friday Work/Learning Time Free Time
Saturday Help and participate in any Koviashvuik classes. If no classes:
free time! read, draw,
craft work...
Free Time...hike, bike, play, rest...
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