Registration Process:
Register by printing our apprenticeship registration form and sending it to us along with your answers to the essay questions. (Essay questions are on the registration form.) We will contact you about coming out for a three-day trial before the start of the apprenticeship, see how it feels for everyone involved, and proceed from there.

Security Deposit:
A security deposit of $100 cash is required upon your arrival and will be refunded fully at the end of your internship upon completion of a full cleanup of living/work spaces and return in good working order all Koviashuvik tools/books/materials that were used.
Available Time Slots:
(see Calendar for exact dates,
please also inquire about any dates not posted)

Spring: Late April through early June
Fall:  Mid September through mid November
Sumer: Early June through end of August
  Winter apprenticeships are available upon invitation, for returning apprentices only

Enrolment:We accept between 2 and 5 apprentices for each time-slot. Enrolment is on a first-come first-served basis.

(see Calendar)

Participant Requirements:
   YOU DON’T need to be an expert or even have any practice with these skills. Gaining the experience is what this apprenticeship is for!
   YOU DO need to be motivated; much learning will take place on your own time because you choose to do it.
   YOU DO need to be willing to push the limits of your physical comfort. You will spend most of every day outdoors. It may be hot or buggy, you may be tired or hungry, but the fire still needs to be started and food picked from the garden and cooked before you’ll be able to eat supper.
   YOU DO need to be willing to push the limits of your emotional comfort. You will be living in close proximity with your teachers and fellow apprentices; open communication is necessary, as well as the ability to hear criticism and feedback from others.
  APPRENTICESHIP is open to all ages 18 and up.
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