How We Teach
“Doing” is “knowing.” At Koviashuvik learning happens organically during our daily scheduled work periods. We share ideas while we work, and always welcome questions. When the work day ends the learning does not.  You and the other apprentices might go gather dandelions from the wild and potatoes from the root cellar, someone goes to the spring for water while someone else make a fire, and the learning goes on…..

Often there are scheduled classes for the public, or school programs.  Apprentices participate in all classes free of charge and assist in the preperation, clean up, and, when appropirtate, the teaching.
We also have a stong library of relevant works and Chris is passionate about suggesting readings and upacking concepts as part of the daily experience.


Koviashuvik Apprenticeship
The Experience:
Welcome to the Koviashuvik Apprenticeship!  If you are hungering to be in a place where people live what they teach, a place rich in traditional skills yet unafraid to try new ideas, a place where the surrounding land provides the food, the buildings and the fuel, where gardening, wild gathering, handcraft, primitive skills, and appropriate technologies all come together to support daily life… If you want to be a part of this place, this apprenticeship is for you.
"I discovered in small-scale, place-based living skills a genuine joy that had been absent from me..."
                                                                     -former apprentice Z.R.
A Year at Koviashuvik:  Our activities vary with the season. 
Here is a brief picture of the work in which you will take part during
the four seasons:

Spring: cutting and splitting firewood, pruning fruit trees, making
sauerkraut, sorting, drying and saucing apples from the root
cellar, preparing ground for planting, de-rocking soil, planting
trees, grafting, starting seedlings in the greenhouse, planting the
gardens, wild gathering spring greens, harvesting and pounding
brown ash for baskets,building projects, craftwork, building
compost piles
Summer: Particapating in and assisting with Family Sustainability
Stays and Camp Koviashuvik, gardening, hide tanning, goat
milking, lacto-fermentation, mowing with a scythe, tool
Fall:  harvesting leaves, harvesting acorns, harvesting apples,
harvesting garden vegetables, putting gardens to bed. threshing
and winnowing, food preservation, building projects, preparing
hides for tanning, craftwork 
Winter:  tool repair, forestry, cutting firewood, trapping, skiing
and snowshoeing, woodworking projects, hauling logs to the mill,
maple sugaring, craftwork

Craftwork:  In every season there will be multiple craft projects
available for apprentices to work on.  From basketry to knife
making to leatherwork, we are craftspeople and feel it is
important to provide time for apprentices to experience the joy
of making things.
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