New Years in the Woods! 
A winter educational retreat/party:
envisioning a new future in the New Year

We might not solve all the world’s problems with a trek down a frozen
bog, but energy, resolve and vision come from time outside with those
of like mind.
What is the world we want to see?  Come take three days to be
together snowshoeing, skiing, carving, feasting, making friends,
practicing simplicity and learning skills for resilient and
regenerative living. 
Activities List:
Outings: Ski and snowshoe in the wilds of western Maine.  We will
wander free with an eye toward observation of winter life, learning
trees and tracks, and gathering wild teas and medicines.
Craft Work:  Spoon and bowl carving, free-time whittling with knife
and drawknife, porcupine-quill necklaces, leatherwork….If you’d like,
bring your own knitting, spinning etc.  We will cozy-in and create!
Community Cooking:  We celebrate the bounty of root-cellar, summer
ferments, dried grains and beans, acorns and maple.  Cooking will be
collaborative, creative, and infused with gratitude!  All meals
provided; bring one treat/snack/favorite ingredient to share.  Cooking
and baking will be on a cook stove, plus some treats over an open fire
on a pond!
Sauerkraut Making and Social Ferment: We will make a batch of
sauerkraut and send everyone home with a jar to ferment. (Metaphor
for our ideas which will bubble, swirl and reach maturity).
Music:  We have piano, drum and violins.  Bring whatever you play!
A Nod Towards Koviashuvik Systems: Interested in root cellar storage,
rocket mass-heaters, simple food dehydration, alternative building,
four-season humanure composting, sourdough bread baking, flour mills,
goat care, or cold hardy greens?  We are always happy to share our
successes and failures and involve our visitors in the systems here.
Community Brainstorm:  What are your ideas, large or small, for a
better world?  Be they physical systems (using shower water to flush
the toilet), or social functions (community gardening blitzes), let’s
brainstorm! Perhaps each of us will choose one thing to work on in the
year to come.

Timing:  We begin 10:30am on December 30th and end mid-afternoon
January 1st
Registration and payment: Please register here. $150 per person, $375
family cap. If you want to come but can’t because of money perhaps
we can engage in the gift economy.  Do you have a skill or service you
would like to trade?
A note on substancesThough our current cultural story endorses
welcoming in the New Year only semi- conscious, we would like to be
fully present in mind and spirit, with minimal spirits.  If you would like
to bring a bottle of wine or homemade cider to share, that is
welcome. The focus will however remain on togetherness, not
substances.  Thank you!
Lodging and gear:  Participants will stay in the earth lodge, a cozy
dwelling with woodstove and balsam bough floor camp out family-style
in the Koviashuvik classroom.  We might even set up a canvas wall
tent, like the Hudson’s Bay voyageurs.   You will need to bring your
own sleeping bag and pads.  All dwellings have wood heat so you don’t
need a true winter sleeping bag.  We do have some sleeping bags and
multiple sleeping pads to loan out.  Please see our Winter Packing