Some Philosophy:
The Relationship:  Living well upon the earth involves forming
healthy relationships with the natural world.  Love and
understanding, the basis for any deep and healthy relationship, do
not come from merely watching the beauty of nature, any more than
they do from merely watching an interesting or attractive person on
the street! We need to get to know that person, through shared
experiences with each other. Similarly, we need to get to know the
earth, and the best way is through working with it: eating it,
harvesting it, crafting it, taking care of it, and depending upon it.  A
Simple Life Internship will deepen your relationship with the earth
by using it.
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The Ancient and the Modern:  Sometimes old ways are unbeatable,
sometimes new ideas are better.    Primitive living can be a valuable
lens through which to see our human-earth relationship, and modern
technologies, well-applied, can help reduce resource consumption
and make life easier and more pleasant. We live in a time of
privilege, able to choose from among the best of the old and the
best of the modern. A root cellar is better than any walk-in cooler,
solar electricity is better than a candle.  Far from being hypocritical, it
is exciting and fresh to choose wisely from both worlds. 

Community Living, People Matter:  Even sustainability is not as
important as that which we sustain.  What good is a healthy
relationship with the earth if we, as humans, are not kind and
understanding to one another?  We believe in the importance of
good communication, non-judgment, and appreciation.  Though
these practices are encouraged as a part of daily life, once-a-week we
also officially open the space to share feelings, air grievances, and
offer appreciations at our community potluck and meeting.
The Positive Impact:  Every time we take a breath, use the bathroom, or make a cup of tea we have an impact.  Though the history of human impact has been catastrophic, human impact is not, by definition, negative.  Humans have a place in the system and we are able to create a positive impact!   As a Koviashuvik intern you will help create a more fertile, diverse, and healthy ecosystem while meeting your own needs as well. Now that’s a good impact.