Farm and Homestead:
"When the sun rises I go to work.
When the sun goes down I take my rest.
I dig the well from which I drink.
I farm the soil that yields my food.
I share the creation. Kings can do no more."
- Chinese proverb, ca. 2500BC

Composting: you will learn composting science and put it into
practice, including the safety and how-to’s of composting
outhouse systems

Animal Husbandry: We raise goats for milk and meat, rabbits for
meat, and ducks for eggs.  These animals are part of our family
homestead.  Interns are welcome- though not required- to get
involved with animal care, learning about slaughtering and
butchering, rotational grazing, etc.

Gardens:  The land at Koviashuvik provides 70% - 80% of the
food that is consumed here year round.  You will be a part of this
intensive system and learn what it is like to have a truly
sustaining garden.  Ongoing projects:
-Create new garden beds from forest soil
-Tend and maintain fertility in existing garden beds
-Plant all annuals to be consumed in the coming year
-Work with the timeless trilogy of corn, beans and squash: “The
Three Sisters”
-Utilize the power of mulch
-Enjoy the fruits of last year’s harvest during the month of May
and the first crops of this year’s harvest during June.

Fermentation:  You will make (and become a proponent of!)
sauerkraut, sourdough bread, and kimchi.

Stonework:  Stones are a byproduct of gardening! And actually a
gift!  You will learn to love and work with them in rock walls and
any structural footings needing to be built at the time.

  The Curriculum in a Nutshell:
May is a busy and important month and there is a lot to learn!  In daily life the skills form an integrated whole; still, it is possible to divide the learning into four categories:

1.Farm and Homestead
2.Primitive and Wild
4.Life Skills
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