Handwork: “I want to live in a society where people are intoxicated with the joy of making things.”  -Bill Coperthwaite

For 99.9% of human history human beings have been makers, shaping landscapes and raw materials into all of life’s necessities.  We are thrilled to share the power and joy of creative work, as well as the skills that empower us to produce and not just consume! Projects that will take place during your internship:

Sharpening:  Successful handwork necessitates sharp tools.  You will learn to sharpen your knife, then progress to sharpening the ax and other edge tools.  We teach a precise sharpening recipe that, with practice, produces a shaving edge every time.

Shave Horse Construction:  The shave horse is an indispensable wood-working clamp/bench, which you will make during your time here and take with you when you go. In constructing a shave horse you will learn mortice and tenon joinery, how to understand and work with wood grain, green vs. dry materials, use of saw, hewing ax, drawknife, chisel, and wooden wedges. 

Additional Handwork Projects: Multiple small projects are available for interns to complete on their own time.  We will provide guidance, you provide motivation! Side projects include:  root basket, birch-bark basket, bone needle case, canoe paddle, spoon, spatula, leather-work and more!
  The Curriculum in a Nutshell:
May is a busy and important month and there is a lot to learn!  In daily life the skills form an integrated whole; still, it is possible to divide the learning into four categories:

1.Farm and Homestead
2.Primitive and Wild
4.Life Skills
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