Life Skills: “You got to do your dishes…"
-Grandfather Ray Reitze

Through the years, many people who have set out to live an earth-based simple-life have eventually quit due to hardship.  After our own 20+ years of immersion we can say that daily life-maintenance is only getting easier and better.  This is accomplished through good systems and strong basic skills:

Cooking:  One should be able to get a fire going and have a hot skillet one minute flat!  You will learn to cook on a wood cookstove, wood-burning rocket stove, and open fire.  With each of these methods you will be able to make any dish you can imagine including bread, pie, soup, stir-fry, pizza - you name it!

Fire wood: Camping context: Learn to find, identify, and process dry firewood in all weather. No matter how hard it may be raining, a fire can always be started!  Homestead context: Learn to cut split and stack firewood with well-maintained hand tools.

Dishes and Laundry: Good systems for clean living are vital to making life work.  You will learn to do dishes and laundry effectively without modern conveniences.

Community Living:  Living in community means picking up after yourself and doing your part.  You will learn to keep the compost and humanure buckets empty, the wash water and spring water buckets full, the floor swept and the workshop orderly. This is part of life, and vital to any successful long-term plan.
  The Curriculum in a Nutshell:
May is a busy and important month and there is a lot to learn!  In daily life the skills form an integrated whole; still, it is possible to divide the learning into four categories:

1.Farm and Homestead
2.Primitive and Wild
4.Life Skills
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