Primitive and Wild: “To reap what we did not sow” is to come face to face with our true relationship to Mother Earth: we have nothing, she gives us everything.  While living as an intern at Koviashuvik you will dwell within this magical relationship.  You will also step into the role of responsible harvester and propagator of the wild crops.

Wild Foods:  May is the month of wild abundance!  From the first coltsfoot flower to the last dandelion leaf we will closely follow the seasonal progression of wild plants and make use of them in quantity in the daily menu.

Bark Harvest:  We will harvest basswood bark for fiber and birch bark for basket material.
Medicine Harvest:  Spring begins the harvest of many medicinals.  We’ll dry what we gather using a solar dehydrator.

Friction Fire:  Proficiency with the bow-drill provides great satisfaction, and connection to the gift of fire.

Hide Tanning:  We will transform a raw deer hide into soft buckskin.
  The Curriculum in a Nutshell:
May is a busy and important month and there is a lot to learn!  In daily life the skills form an integrated whole; still, it is possible to divide the learning into four categories:

1.Farm and Homestead
2.Primitive and Wild
4.Life Skills
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