The Basic Four: Shelter, Water, Fire and Food
Shelter: Interns live in two dwellings.  One is a beautiful Cree-
style earth-lodge.  The lodge is insulated with sod, has windows
and a skylight for natural light and a cook stove for heating and
cooking.  The other dwelling is a traditional canvas wall tent with
a wooden floor.  The tent also has a stove for cooking/heating,
and both dwellings have solar-electric light. 

Water: Drinking water comes from the spring, and may also be
filtered if desired.  Washing water comes from the ponds and off
the roofs.  A solar hot-water shower is available in the

Fire: Interns saw and split wood by hand.  Wood that was cut the
previous year is available for this year’s interns, and in turn this
year's interns prepare wood for next year’s.  

Food: Interns eat fresh from the gardens, root cellar vegetables,
acorns and seasonal wild foods.  Koviashuvik also provides beans,
whole grains flour and cooking oil, always organic, and locally-
grown when possible.  Interns provide their own meat, dairy,
eggs, nuts, condiments, non-local treats, and any food not listed
as being provided by Koviashuvik. Interns should plan on
sharing cooking and meals, as this is time and energy efficient
and fosters community. We will help schedule the details of this
system so that it works for everyone’s needs.

There is a hand-powered flour mill available for interns’ use, and
there are a grocery store and health food store in Farmington, 9
miles from Koviashuvik. Refrigeration: we keep foods cool by
sinking them downstream of the spring and by utilizing winter’s
ice, stored in the icehouse and brought weekly to our coolers.
There will be a cooler available for interns’ use; we suggest
cooking just enough food to go about a day at a time. Also, if
much of what one eats comes from the garden, no refrigeration is
necessary. Just go out and pick it!
and this as classroom!
Imagine: this as a home,
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