Words from Past Apprentices:

   “My partner and I learned so much at Koviashuvik. We learned beautiful, specialized skills such as basketry with natural materials, hide tanning, food preservation, acorn processing, and snowshoe lacing. These skills we have been able to continue with and expand upon since. But our most important learnings were the little skills that we use every day: efficient use of an axe, saw, and other hand tools, fire making, the ability to work in an efficient way, the ability to live simply and efficiently no matter what our surroundings are.
   Most importantly, at Koviashuvik we came to understand a philosophy of wholeness and oneness with the earth, wherein our actions form a cycle, borrowing from the earth and returning to it constantly. Koviashuvik provided us with a means to live well in a spiritually and physically sustainable way, and gave us the space to explore what that means to us. I will carry with me always the lessons I have learned there, and I know that no matter where I go, they will follow.” -Ethan Tapper

   “We transplanted chard and kale from the summer garden into the green house. Lots of bean threshing and such. We put the well-dried beans in sacks, whacked them with sticks, pulled out the plant matter, then winnowed by pouring the beans and left over matter slowly into a box, while fanning with a piece of tin. Simple and beautiful. This is how life ought to be.”  -journal entry shared by Lily Fry

   “Every day we are a part of everything. Every night I rest knowing exactly where we are meant to be, satisfied, completely in love, with all the life that surrounds me.” -anonymous intern