How We Teach
“Doing” is “knowing.” At Koviashuvik learning happens organically
during our daily scheduled work periods. We share ideas while we
work, discuss relevant readings, and always welcome questions.  In
addition to working together on the land, we devote specific class
time to you several times per week.

Koviashuvik Simple Life
The Experience:
Welcome to the Koviashuvik Simple Life Internship!  If you are
hungering to be in a place where people live what they teach, a
place rich in traditional skills yet unafraid to try new ideas, a
place where the surrounding land provides the food, the
buildings and the fuel, where gardening, wild gathering,
handcraft, primitive skills, and appropriate technologies all come
together to support daily life… If you want to be a part of this
place, this internship is for you.
The Koviashuvik Simple Life Internship is part apprenticeship,
part semester program, combining the best of both worlds by
offering high-class, experiential education for an affordable price.
Koviashuvik has worked with apprentices for over eight years and
we have been semester teachers for over ten.  Now we are putting
these two great learning opportunities together into one powerful
Read About "Our Philosophy"
Therefore, embedded in this internship experience are a pack-basket class, a hide tanning class, a tool sharpening class, numerous wood working classes, wild edibles classes, fermentation classes, herbalism...  When the day ends, you and the other interns go gather dandelions from the wild and potatoes from the root cellar, someone goes to the spring for water while someone else make a fire, and the learning goes on…..